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How To Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card



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What is the process for withdrawing money from SASSA CARD? Many people have asked this question. If you don’t have a SASSA CARD card, you may wonder how to withdraw money. That’s where you’ll find what you’re looking for.

South Africans use SASSA CARDs as electronic debit cards. This card can be used at any bank or post office branch without requiring a physical card. For tourists, this is a very important feature. ATM withdrawals, restaurant and shop payments, and ATM withdrawals are all possible with it.

SASSA Card For GRANT Payments

There are some recipients who want to know if they can withdraw their SASSA grants without using their cards. SASSA card is issued through the Post Office (Post-Bank of South Africa) to recipients of SASSA grants such as Old Age Pension grants, Child Support grants, Disability grants, etc. Applicants can withdraw money from partner banks’ ATM machines or select shops to make payments for goods and services with this card.

Due to the fact that the money is stored on the SASSA card, no withdrawals or payments can be made without the card physically present. Several shops across the country accept cards for payments

SASSA Launches Cashless Payment System For SASSA Card Holders

It was announced in early 2019 that SASSA would phase out their old SASSA card due to security reasons and issue a new SASSA gold card to replace the old one through the post office. Those who were unable to acquire the new card by the deadline were invited to visit any nearest Post Office to get the new one. Approximately 10 minutes would be required to complete the process.

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The grant recipients would be able to withdraw funds and make payments at various pay points.

In the statement, the statement continues to encourage those wishing to receive their payments with their preferred banks to contact them directly for payment advice. Millions of beneficiaries have been saved from unauthorized deductions from their grants since the introduction of the new gold Sassa cards.

Moreover, more cashless ATMs were added in May 2020 to improve accessibility for beneficiaries of social grants, according to

How to withdraw sassa money at atm

  • You can find Cashless ATMs anywhere
  • Ensure that the electronic chip is facing upwards on the SASSA card, or check the inscription on the card, when inserting it into an ATM.
  • Put the four-digit PIN that you were given into the ATM, and make sure it is entered correctly without any errors.
  • When the PIN entered is accurate, the ATM machine will allow you to make withdrawals up to the amount on your card.
  • This can also be used to make payments
  • A successful transaction results in two receipts: one for the merchant and one for the recipient. If you exchanged goods or services for money, the money is collected.

SASSA SRD Payments at ATM without a Card

SASSA has reinstated the SASSA SRD R350 grants payments using Cash Send or Ewallet as a payment method. Approved applicants may withdraw their grants from a partner bank’s ATM without a debit card in this case. A mobile phone number was used to apply, and that’s all the applicant needs. Applicants must have RICA’d or registered their phone numbers. SASSA wants to ensure that qualified applicants receive the grants in the right and verified accounts, regardless of whether they are bank accounts or electronic wallets.

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Nevertheless, SASSA faced challenges when they sought National Treasury approval for the procurement so that banks’ ATMs could be used to collect the SRD R350 grants with a minimal fee. However, that did not happen, and SASSA asked those affected to either submit their preferred bank account details or they would automatically be switched to the default payment method, namely the post office.

As a result, Cash Send users have been waiting several months for their payment dates pending the verification of their payment methods. If you have not yet submitted your bank account details for Ewallet or Cash Send, then you can expect to receive your payment at the post office. It is only those who have been approved with payment dates who are paid by the post office. A system has been developed that uses the last three digits of the applicant’s ID number to process payments. On this website, post office payment dates are posted each month, with the latest one being the January payment schedule.

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