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SASSA SRD R350 Grant-Approved Without Pay Dates or SMS



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Some applicants who have successfully submitted SASSA SRD R350 grant applications have been approved without pay dates or SMS asking them to collect their grants since August 2021.You can find out what may be the cause and how to resolve this issue if you are one of those affected applicants.

When applicants receive their payments after their applications are approved with pay dates, but others are approved without pay dates, it’s painful.

How To Submit Banking Details to SASSA SRD Online – SRD Status Check

SASSA SRD R350 Grant-Approved Without Pay Dates or SMS

One of the following may be the cause, based on various sources and personal observations:

  • Bank’s delay in verifying submitted bank account information. It is possible that some banks may delay when SASSA requests that the bank information provided by the applicant be verified and validated.
  • Payments and approvals without pay dates can also be delayed if incorrect bank account information is provided.
  • Regularly changing payment methods. This can also happen if you often switch from one payment method to another in a few days or weeks. Changes in payment options should only be made when necessary, and you should stick to that option going forward.
  • An error has occurred in the Sassa system. Occasionally, SASSA system errors can cause the problem. Sassa can check your status by calling 0800601011 toll-free number.
  • Funds are available. In spite of the fact that this is independently verified, SASSA sometimes runs out of funds and approves your application without SMS notifications or pay dates.
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