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Why is my Sassa R350 approved but no payday?



Why is my Sassa R350 approved but no payday?

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) program was established to provide relief to vulnerable unemployed individuals without government assistance. There have been a large number of applicants who have been approved for this relief mechanism who have not received their payments.

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Why is my Sassa R350 approved but no payday?

Social relief of distress (SRD) grants will be paid to 7.5 million people this year, according to the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). However, many of these individuals have yet to receive any financial assistance.

Several verification checks are carried out by Sassa to determine whether SRD grant applicants deserve their grants. An applicant’s bank account is checked for funds that exceed the allowed threshold as part of the verification process.

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In order to qualify for financial assistance, a person must pass a means test. SRD grants require a means test to determine if an applicant has more income than R624.

If A grant application for SRD will be rejected if an applicant’s income exceeds the threshold, while a grant application for SRD will be approved if the applicant has less than the threshold.

A payment will only be approved for applicants who are unemployed, between 19 and 59 years old, and not receiving other forms of government assistance.

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The SRD grant applicants whose applications were accepted may be delayed in receiving their payments due to several factors, according to Sassa. Grant applicants were primarily responsible for providing this information.

Sassa explained, “Those who have been approved for payment but have not yet been paid have outstanding bank accounts or failed bank account verifications or bank accounts pending verification from the National Treasury or those who chose to send cash payments ”.From 19 September 2022, Sassa mentioned cash send payments.

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