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SASSA Addresses Concerns by Resuming R350 Grant Payment Dates Publication



SASSA Addresses Concerns by Resuming R350 Grant Payment Dates Publication

SASSA Addresses Concerns by Resuming R350 Grant Payment Dates Publication. In response to mounting concerns over delayed grant disbursements, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has taken proactive steps to alleviate the issue. Sassa has announced the reinstatement of its practice of publishing the R350 grant payment schedule, while also introducing measures to tackle payment delays head-on.

Monthly Release of R350 Grant Payment Dates

To address the distress caused by delayed payments, Sassa has opted to adopt a monthly approach in releasing the R350 grant payment dates. This decision comes in the wake of reported delays that left beneficiaries awaiting their funds, prompting Sassa to initiate necessary interventions and provide enhanced transparency concerning payment timelines.

Identifying and Resolving Delays

Paseka Letsatsi, the official spokesperson for Sassa, attributed the payment delays to a backlog resulting from a technical glitch within the agency’s online system. Letsatsi clarified that the customary payment date of the 25th had passed without payments due to this glitch.

While the technical glitch has been successfully resolved, the verification process at Sassa also contributed to the delay. This verification process ensures ongoing compliance with the eligibility criteria for the R350 grant.

Renewed Transparency

In a bid to restore transparency and offer reassurance, Sassa has announced its commitment to resuming the publication of the R350 grant payment schedule. Beneficiaries can access this schedule via Sassa’s online platforms, including official social media channels. Commencing from August 2023, beneficiaries will gain insight into processing dates for their grant payments.

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August 2023 Payment Processing Timeline

Sassa’s recent announcement provides crucial insights into the processing timeline for August 2023 R350 grant payments. These payments are set to undergo processing from August 25 to August 31, 2023. It’s important to note that, unlike fixed-date permanent social grants, the payment dates for the R350 grant remain variable due to verification processes and other pertinent factors.

Beneficiaries are advised to monitor their application progress through the official Sassa website. Additionally, beneficiaries should anticipate a delay of approximately two to three days for grant payments to reflect in their accounts post-processing.

Streamlined Methods for R350 Grant Collection

Sassa facilitates diverse methods for beneficiaries to collect their R350 grant payments, including:

  1. Bank Account: Beneficiaries can opt for direct deposit into their bank accounts, offering swift access to funds.
  2. Cash Send: For those without a personal bank account, the Cash Send payment alternative is available. This method necessitates a registered cellphone number and valid identification for seamless grant collection.
  3. Retail Stores: Retail giants such as Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, and Boxer enable grant payments. Beneficiaries are not required to reapply each month, as Sassa undertakes periodic eligibility verifications.


While Sassa takes concerted actions to rectify delays and augment communication, beneficiaries are urged to stay informed through official channels and select the payment method that best suits their requirements.

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