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Nsfas TVET College Students Allowence 2023



Nsfas TVET College Students Allowence 2023

As a result, TVET Colleges have priority when the National Student Financial Scheme allocates funding to qualifying students, since they transfer practical vocational skills into the country’s workforce and economy.

The fact that TVET Colleges almost double the number of universities means that they also have priority in funding allocations by NSFAS when it comes to student funding.

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Nsfas TVET College Students Allowence 2023

The allocation of Nsfas funding for TVET College students for the 2023 academic year was revealed on Wednesday earlier this week.

TVET College students may be eligible for travel or accommodation allowances during Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande’s NSFAS state of readiness speech for the 2023 academic year.

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In order to allocate funding to TVET College students, the following arrangement will be followed:

  • An accommodation allowance of R54,045 a year will be paid to students living in TVET College’s self-catered residence. 
  • A TVET College will receive a maximum living allowance of R45,000 per year for students residing in self-managed accommodation, a personal care allowance of R3045, and a living allowance of R6,000 per student.
  • Additionally, TVET College students who live in private housing will receive a living allowance of R6000, a personal care allowance of R3045, and a maximum living allowance capped at R45000 per year.
  • The living allowance will be R6,000, the personal care allowance will be R3045, and the total travel allowance will be R7,718 for TVET College students living within 10 kilometers of the college.
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In addition, he stressed that only distance TVET college students are entitled to the personal care allowance, which is worth R3,045 per month.

Students participating in simulated training at TVET colleges who are not NSFAS-eligible because of their job contracts may, however, be eligible for allowances if they are registered for occupational qualification.

TVET colleges in South Africa provide technical and vocational education to individuals seeking employment skills.

The colleges offer a range of courses in areas such as engineering, construction, business, and information technology, among others. 

In addition to preparing students for employment, TVET colleges focus on meeting the needs of the South African economy through the programs they offer.

Individuals, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, can gain the skills and knowledge they need to secure job opportunities and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

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