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Here Why Your SRD Grant Is Approved For One Month And Not The Other



Here Why Your SRD Grant Is Approved For One Month And Not The Other

Among the many assistance mechanisms available in South Africa to unemployed people, the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is one of the most important. The process of approving grant payments has, however, been inconsistent according to some grant applicants.

Here Why Your SRD Grant Is Approved For One Month And Not The Other

For Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grants, the SASSA has revealed why application status varies from month to month.

The SRD grant was approved for payment to millions of unemployed individuals. In the months following the SRD grant approval, many people have reported challenges.

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There have been complaints from recipients of SRD grants that they received payment for one month but were not paid the following months. There have been complaints from other clients that their applications for subsequent payments remain pending despite being approved for one month’s payment.

Example: August is declined, but September is approved

  • There is a possibility that income for August over R624 but not for September according to the database

Example: September has been approved, but August has not yet been approved

  • As Sassa deals with applications month-by-month, there may be a backlog of applications

SRD grant applicants are subjected to several verification checks by SASSA to ensure they deserve the award. Sassa conducts monthly verification checks for the SRD grant.

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As part of the verification process, funds exceeding the allowed threshold are checked in the applicant’s bank account. SRD grant applicants are required to undergo bank verification to ensure they are eligible to receive the grant.

A Sassa representative will make sure that the applicant’s grant application does not exceed the SRD threshold of R624. In the case of applicants who exceed the SRD income threshold, their grant applications will be rejected, while in the case of applicants who are below the income threshold, they will be approved for payment.

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The amount of money in a grant applicant’s bank account may determine whether they qualify for the grant one month and not the next.

The application for an SRD grant should include the applicant’s bank account information and not that of another person. It is possible for an SRD grant applicant to be rejected if their bank account shows money from a relative/friend. 

A backlog of applications may result in grants being pending for some months, Sassa said.

In addition, the agency revealed there is no set timeframe for the bank verification process. After the application details are send to Treasury, they are verified by the bank chosen by the applicant, then sent to Treasury again, and then to Sassa for payment.

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